Care Monitoring

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A Bird's-eye view on
your care service

With our live care monitoring feature, you can always be confident that carers are on their way to each client on time! When a carer raises an alert, you'll receive immediate alerts to ensure you're constantly up to speed.

Keep track of where your carers are clocking in and out using Google Maps to guarantee that all of your visits are attended to. This allows care providers to verify that care workers were at the right client location, ensuring that both clients & care workers are safe and sound. 

Recording & Reporting

Carers can write and record notes that are immediately added to each client's file, allowing them to retain a clean record of each visit. Carers could also raise immediate alerts to guarantee that no one is left behind and that all issues are addressed.

The easy-to-use mobile software, which eliminates the need to fill out endless quantities of paper, saves the typical Careberry carer over 50 hours each month! Being a carer has never been easier, from taking notes to administering medication.

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