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Who Are We?

We're a group of successful care and tech entrepreneurs with a proven track record of launching and running successful care and tech businesses.

Careberry is an all-in-one care management platform that we created with the purpose of removing the need for many softwares to run a care business.

What is Careberry?

How we came about?

We searched the market for current care management systems in the hopes of finding one that would meet our requirements! We wanted a care management platform that covers all of the important functions of operating a care business. Rostering, medication management, recruiting, care planning, and care delivery monitoring are examples of functions. We also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and become paperless too! Our search came up empty-handed! As a result, we set out to create one.

We involved over 100 carers, care managers, and clients in the design and development process. As a result, Careberry was born. We chose to make Careberry available to other care providers after putting it through its paces and delivering over 60000 hours of care.

Careberry Feature
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Our Mission

We are committed to our aim of shaping the future of care by providing care providers with a cutting-edge tool to interact with their carers and clients in order to provide a safe and efficient service.


Our Experience

We've formed care companies that provide thousands of hours of care per month. We've also created multi-layered IT platforms that are user-friendly. Careberry is the result of these two sets of abilities and experiences, and it can only help you succeed.


Our Support

We offer standard, office-based support, available from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday. We also provide an Issue Tracking System where issues can be systematically registered for resolution and the progress of resolution tracked throughout the weekdays and weekends.


Our Attitude

We're a team of dedicated care professionals, designers, and developers that want to make a significant difference in the industry by delivering a superior platform that makes life easier for business owners, managers, care coordinators, carers, clients, and their families.

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